13.04.2024 Sa 15.00

Body Talks

Past event

© Grafik: Lena Baumgartner

Workshop with Daliah Touré as part of Bliss, bliss, bliss

Sat, 13.04.2024, 3–5:30 pm 

  • open to all those interested
  • no prior knowledge required 
  • we advise wearing comfortable clothes

In our current exhibition Bliss, bliss, bliss, six artists address the conscious and unconscious coping strategies that bodies develop as a way of defying the global and ongoing state of crisis we are experiencing. In this Body Talks workshop with dancer and mediator Daliah Touré, we explore precisely how these strategies work, what they might feel like and how your own experiences may relate to them. Have you ever wanted to physically interact with an exhibition? To engage with artworks through movement, dance or voice? If so, you've come to the right place!

In 2023, Body Talks was launched as an experimental format of Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, in which we come together to explore the question of how art education could be shaped beyond spoken language. For this, participants are encouraged to engage with Kunstraum’s exhibitions by way of using the entire repertoire of strategies that their bodies have to offer, entering into an embodied exchange between the themes and/or works exhibited.

As part of a series of workshops developed by Daliah Touré, this particular workshop on 13.04.2024 will take place in the context of Body Talks. Drawing on Touré's practice as a dancer and art educator, these workshops use movement, dance and touch to illuminate how our bodies help us understand and reconfigure our relationship to the world, its spaces, other people, and ways of life. Tools in these workshops include scores, improvisation, and intuition. 


The workshop will take approx. 2.5 hours and is designed for a maximum of 15 people. Taking place outside our opening hours, it is open to all those interested — no prior knowledge required. 

Are you interested in fully joining in or do you simply want to try it out? If so, we kindly ask you to briefly register at anmeldung@kunstraum.net, using the subject heading "Body Talks".