Episode 31: „Foulplay"

Laura Gozlan in conversation with Frederike Sperling

In keeping with our Bliss, bliss, bliss show’s theme, we’re serving you a hot new episode from our “guilty pleasure” podcast series Im Kunstraum. Lean back, click play, and get yourself transported somewhere beyond this world. Or rather, into the sewage of a nameless city, where Laura Gozlan’s video work Foulplay (2022) unfolds. In this episode, Frederike Sperling  (artistic director at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich and curator of the show) talks to the artist about the role of magic in her piece presented at Kunstraum as well as her fascination with the horror genre and its proximity to humor, among other things.  

Guest: Laura Gozlan Laura Gozlan
Moderation: Frederike Sperling 
Editing: Maximilian Steinborn
Opener and Mastering: Alexander Wieser | Sonobelle Recordings
Photo/Audio excerpts:  Laura Gozlan, „Foulplay“, 2022. 4k video (12:35 min)
Courtesy of Laura Gozlan and Galerie Valeria Cetraro