Episode 28: Matrix Bodies: Edson Krenak

Colonialism has many children.

So, what about the relationship between human and nature? Was human exceptionalism only an illusion afterall? The first exhibition in 2023 at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich goes out in search for possible answers with six artists. Admittedly: An art show is probably only one side of the coin here. How do other –also non-art – disciplines and forms of knowledge relate to it? In her first podcast episode as the new artistic director, Frederike Sperling talks with Edson Krenak, an Indigenous activist and literary scholar, about the holistic worldview of the Krenak community in Brazil and the threatened futures of this and many other Indigenous peoples.

The conversation was held in English.

More info on the exhibition Matrix Bodies can be found HERE

Guest: Edson Krenak
Moderation: Frederike Sperling
Editing: Maximilian Steinborn
Opener and Mastering: Alexander Wieser | Sonobelle Recordings
Photo:Edson Krenak © Julianne Rudisser; Graphic Design: Andrea Lehsiak