Episode 27: Matrix Bodies: Eduard Fadeev

We are a walking ecosystem.

Are we humans really that different from animals and plants? Or are we, in the end, much more like a collection of biological mass (which could possibly mix with other species in the distant future)? And what is the difference between bacteria, microorganisms and viruses? We wanted to know more and invited marine microbiologist Eduard Fadeev for a talk in our exhibition Matrix Bodies. Starting from his field of research - the oceans - he speaks with curator Frederike Sperling about the emergence of life on Earth, but also its destruction and preservation. Spoiler: Eduard Fadeev is indeed optimistic about us humans.

The conversation was held in English.

More info on the exhibition Matrix Bodies can be found HERE

Guest: Eduard Fadeev
Moderation: Frederike Sperling
Editing: Maximilian Steinborn
Opener and Mastering: Alexander Wieser | Sonobelle Recordings
Photo: © Eduard Fadeev, graphic design: Andrea Lehsiak