Episode 26: Matrix Bodies: Mira Ungewitter

Master this earth?!

"Master this earth" it says in the creation story of the bible: the human as the crowning glory of creation, as the ruler over nature?! What does the bible have to do with the emergence and continuity of human exceptionalism? We took a closer look at this question with Mira Ungewitter on the occasion of our exhibition Matrix Bodies. Mira Ungewitter is a Baptist pastor in Vienna, she advocates for a progressive church, is a member of the feminist women's network Sorority and was a lecturer for the New Testament. In 2019, her biography "Roadtrip mit Gott" was published by Herder, and currently her new book "Gott ist Feministin" can be heard as an Audible Original. Get ready for a "bible lesson" of a different kind...

The conversation was held in English.

More info on the exhibition Matrix Bodies can be found HERE

Guest: Mira Ungewitter
Moderation: Frederike Sperling
Editing: Maximilian Steinborn
Opener and Mastering: Alexander Wieser | Sonobelle Recording
Photo: Mira Ungewitter © Jana Mack, graphic design: Andrea Lehsiak