When Kunstraum Niederoesterreich dedicated its 2022 program to the collective mitigation of grief, new crises were already looming over society while others continued to rage in the distance. Let’s stop kidding ourselves: The crises of late are just the beginning.

Melting glaciers, collapsing ecosystems, migration driven by drought and floods – our planetary incapacity to take action is becoming more and more visible. The question by which we will (have to) negotiate our future coexistence is no longer: “How do we want to live?” but: “How can we survive?”

Under the banner Sensing the Heat, we take a look to the future. Where can we spot the seeds of new terrestrial modes of coexistence? What other avenues of social reproduction, of care for our material and spiritual livelihoods, of solidary and provident relationships between human and more-than-human beings are emerging? And what role can art play in these inquiries?

Detailed information about the annual program can be found here.


Graphic design: © Andrea Lehsiak

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