Wake Words

© Behrouz Rae/Lisa Truttmann: Babash, 2014, Videostill


Opening evening: TH, 30 09 2021, 5 - 10 pm
Duration: FR, 01 10 2021 – SA, 27 11 2021

An exhibition by and with The Golden Pixel Cooperative
Conceived by Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Olena Newkryta, and Marlies Pöschl

Artists: Iris Blauensteiner & Rojin Sharafi, Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Eva Giolo, Nathalie Koger, Saadia Mirza, Joana Moll, Olena Newkryta & Nana Thurner, Pedro Oliveira, Bárbara Palomino Ruiz, Marlies Pöschl, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda, Lisa Truttmann & Behrouz Rae, Diana Vidrascu, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries and Katarina Zdjelar


The departure point for the exhibition is the term “voice recognition”: It refers, on the one hand, to technological systems for language assistance and detection, which are silently creeping into many parts of our everyday lives. On the other, the second part of the formulation – recognition – indicates that this phenomenon already assumes a certain concept of a voice that is to be recognised. What is the basis of this (re)cognition? Which voices are heard, and which not? And isn’t there a potential in remaining incognito and acting in a more impervious realm?

The Golden Pixel Cooperative conceives the exhibition as a space in which different scripts run parallel and make the terms “voice recognition” and “opacity” tangible. Accordingly, there is an encoded pattern that reveals the latent tracks behind this show. The exhibition will be accompanied with an audio book that brings together the artists, visitors, the exhibition space, and playback devices in a fictional discussion.


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