T(( ))mb

© T(( ))mb, 2023, Courtesy of OMSK Social Club. Photo: Jonas Schoeneberg


In the framework of its second exhibition this year, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich presents a new work by the artist collective OMSK Social Club: T(( ))mb. Since its founding in Berlin in 2016, the artist collective OMSK Social Club has been exploring the threshold areas between fiction and reality. OMSK develops its installations and environments on the basis of so-called "Real Game Plays" (RGPs for short): game arrangements at the interface of role-playing games and everyday life, in which the participants actively negotiate their own identity and experience. The themes of the games are manifold and range from rave culture to catfishing and positive trolling to the transformative potentials of cryptocurrencies. T(( ))mb (spoken: tomb) – OMSK’s latest work specially produced for Kunstraum Niederoesterreich – showcases an immersive real-game-play scenario at the intersection of exhibition, performance, and film. At the center: the complex interplay of language, play, art, and subversion.


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