© Xénia Laffely: J'ai la gueule tordue, 2019, detail (li.) / Susanna Flock, Building AI out of Clay, 2021, detail (re.), Grafik: Selina Locher

Opening: TH, 10 06 2021, 7:00 pm
Duration: FR, 11 06 2021 – SA, 31 07 2021

Curator: Katharina Brandl
Artists: Susanna Flock & Xénia Laffely

Press tour: WE, 09 06 2021, 10:00 am

In the exhibition project puzzled the artistic practice of Austrian artist Susanna Flock pairs up with that of Montréal-based Swiss artist Xénia Laffely. While Flock is active, above all, in the medium of video installation, Laffely focuses on digital imagery, which she translates into textiles. Even though the works by both artists suggest that there is no clear dividing line between the analogue and digital world, the two artists make the transition zones between the analogue and the digital tangible in this exhibition.

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