H13 Lower Austria Prize For Performance

Performance is a form of expression. As a multifaceted form with differences in staging and content, it has a long tradition in Austrian art and has undergone a progressive revision in art history in recent years. With the H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance, an emphasis is put on the performative works of the younger generation.


H13 2020

The call for submissions for the "H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance 2020" ended on April 20,2020.  The call for 2021 will be announced in due time.

This year's winner is the artist Julischka Stengele. The jury, consisting of Katharina Brandl, Astrid Peterle, Stefanie Sourial und Luisa Ziaja, chose Stengele’s project BALLAST | EXISTENZ of more than 80 submissions. The performance and the award ceremony took place at the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich on Thursday, 03 09 2020.  The accompanying exhibition was shown from 04 09 2020 - 12 09 2020.

In 2020, the H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance was awarded for the 14th time by Kunstraum Niederoesterreich. The aim is to foster and showcase performative works and make them accessible to an interested audience. This year, the H13 prize money was raised to 5000 EUR. It is the only Austrian award for performance art as a medium of fine arts.


Jury Statement

“Julischka Stengele’s project BALLAST | EXISTENZ addresses the ambiguity of the term “performance”: performance as a guiding economic concept in society and performance as a medium in art. Who has to, who is allowed to, who can deliver performance, especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic? In her Performance the artist gets to the heart of highly topical questions concerning how we live together: Which bodies – especially these days – are considered a burden? How can solidarity, how can relationality between bodies be conceived when physical distancing seems to be the order of the day? Julischka Stengele’s art is characterised – as she says herself – by an unequivocal advocacy of a queer, feminist, and body positive practice. This year the H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance goes to an artist who stands out as a loud proponent of diversity in contemporary art and has enriched the Viennese art scene, uncompromisingly and tenaciously, with her performances and curatorial projects.”


The Jury 2020 consisted of:


  • Katharina Brandl (Artistic Director, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich)
  • Astrid Peterle (Curator of Performance, donaufestival)
  • Stefanie Sourial (Performance Artist)
  • Luisa Ziaja (Curator of Contemporary Art, Belvedere 21)

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