Archive: The Enforced Dress

The artists of the exhibition have a sensitive eye for connections between fashion and clothing, they examine the conditions of production and representation, leaving the status of the work, in the choice of material and conception, a recognisably open one.

All of them are decidedly not to be assigned to the field of fashion and clothing, but they do make reference to it in at least one of the parameters of their work, in an effort to employ it functionally and operationally and to expand their individual manoeuvrability without abandoning the horizon of art.

The „tiger’s leap“ frequently plays a role, which may also set up a connection with earlier works by Vladimir Tatlin, Silvia Kolbowski, Stephen Willats, Daniel Buren, Cindy Sherman, Andrea Zittel or Martha Rosler, to name just a few of the artists who have worked with clothing or still do.

Curated by: Susanne Neuburger


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