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Opening: 06 02 2008
Location: former Post Office, Coolsingel 42, Rotterdam
06 – 10th Februar 2008, open daily from 13.00 - 19.00H

The KUNSTRAUM NOE as a representative of LOWER AUSTRIA CONTEMPORARY shows Salmon Sculpture Saloon, a project by Rainer Prohaska.

"Restaurant Transformable”
is a temporary architectural intervention, constructed by prefabricated elements. It functions as a platform for cooking performances by the artist Rainer Prohaska. Its adaptation in size and configuration is depending on the demands of the space and the kind of performance, happening inside. After its use for performances or exhibitions it disappears completely.

"Salmon Sculpture Saloon”
During the "Project(OR) Art Fair – platform for contemporary art spaces" in Rotterdam the "Restaurant Transformable" will be used for the production of "Salmon Sculptures". "Salmon Sculptures" are eatable ready-made artworks, which will be sold to the art-fair-customers. This tiny dish consists of the high perishable ingredients salmon and avocado. The customer has to decide, if he will get food for 3 € or preserved "Salmon Sculptures". If he chooses the second possibility, the price is 273,15 times higher than the price of the food option. The preserved sculpture will be limited to seven available objects.

-273,15 degree Celsius is the absolute zero temperature, one of the few researched absolute terms of the universe.

Apart from the production area for the "Salmon Sculptures", "Restaurant Transformable" will provide a handsome recreation saloon, where art-fair-visitors can enjoy their food, taste a good glass of wine and have a rest in between their stressful visit of art-presentations.

"Salmon Sculpture Saloon" is an ironic comment to the current hype of art business, consumption habits of customers and the pricing of contemporary art.


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