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Delphine Kini Mae, Isabella Kresse, Nikolaus Maly und Gregor Reinberg

"I believe more and more, that we need a language that manages without translation." (John Cage)

CIRCUS ON (1977) by John Cage is a guide for the translation of any desired text into a literary musical performance. The source text for this implementation is an interview conducted by Doris Seckler in 1964 with Rob Rauschenberg, who passed away May this year.
In addition to the audio aspect realized by performer Delphine Kini Mae and both musicians Nikolaus Maly and Gregor Reinberg, the painter Isabella Kresse allows the text to also be approachable visually and haptically.

Live Performance: 8.00pm
Performers: Delphine Kini Mae, Isabella Kresse, Nikolaus Maly and Gregor Reinberg;

After the performance, the audience has the opportunity to, upon request, hear an electronic version of the piece generated in real time.


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