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Winners: Sabeth Buchmann (Senior Award), Lavinia Neff (Junior Award)

Presentation 28 Nov. 2009 – 19.00

Laudator: Thomas Wulffen, president of the Association of Art Critics, German section

Award-winners: Sabeth Buchmann (Senior Award), Lavinia Neff (Junior Award)
Live: Anna F.
DJ guy the guy

The Art Critics’ Award this year is being awarded for the second time by Kunstwerft and Basis Wien.

Sabeth Buchmann receives the 2008 Art Critics’ Award, the only prize in Austria for art criticism, worth €3,000. The Junior Award goes to Lavinia Neff.

The Art Critics’ Award reverses the usual relationship in the art system; here artists assess the articles by critics. The prize was initiated by the Viennese artist Moussa Kone. Texts on contemporary art that were collected by Basis Wien in a three-month media survey serve as the basis for the judgement. If last year the focus was on daily papers and weekly magazines, this year a total of 168 articles by 125 authors were collected from 95 monthly or more infrequently published art journals and magazines and presented to the jury.

The jury consisted of seven artists from Austria, Germany and Switzerland: Nikolaus Gansterer, Clemens Krauss, Dorit Margreiter, Ursula Mayer, Markus Schinwald, Andrea Thal and Jun Yang.



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