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The Art Award H13 2009 for performance goes to the artists group Kozek hörlonski (Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek).

The Art Award H13 2009 for performance goes to the artists group kozek hörlonski (Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek).

Performance "Kompositum I / Hobagoaß"
kozek hörlonski (Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek) awarded by Mag. Lukas Mandl, government lower austria
Welcome: Dr. Christiane Krejs
About the Performance: Dr. Silvia Eiblmayr

The performers deal with the artistic appropriation of a custom or a Customs form - the Hobagoaß, also called Habergeiß - and their introduction into the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.

“Hobagoaß” or “Habergeiß” [Oat Got]:

This masked figure is enacted by one or more boys which are hidden under a shroud carrying a goat-like head in front of them. The animal-like figure sometimes dons three legs and a wooden goat mask and is carried along in folklore parades. The funny as well as threatening actions of the “Habergeiß” [Oat Goat] appears in winterly mask parades (St. Nicholas‘ traditions, mask parades, carnival). The many stories which vary from place to place are closely realted to those told of the “Bercht”. She is seen as bi-sexual. “Hoba” is an ancient phrase for a ram and “Goaß” for goat.


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