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Third performance evening of the series "WHERE IS MY PLACE?"

Was wird hier eigentlich gespielt? [What is actually being played here?]

The two performances on the last evening of the series, on 2 May, represent different inscriptions in the institution of the Kunstraum. This evening will be curated by Christiane Krejs.

On Grammel occupies the exhibition space by inscribing himself into it with his personal handwriting and artistic work like a form. Bernadette Anzengruber occupies and decorates the Kunstraum with her person and the aura that surrounds her, with heart-shaped balloons and blue chains of plastic droplets – with excessive femininity and a carnivalesque love story.

The performance series is rounded off on 2 May at 20.30 with a panel discussion between artists and theoreticians about the current situation of artistic performance based on the following guiding questions: Does the contemporary performance scene need its own spaces and budgets in order to be recognised by a relevant public? What models are conceivable in future?


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