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Guided Tour of the Exhibition, Anna Hoffner: "What is Art – a product of circumstances?" Lecture Performance, Michail Michailov: "But you want me, don’t you . . .”: Performance

19.30 and 21.30: guided tour of the exhibition "You won't make a (nation)state with us"
20.00: Ana Hoffner, What is Art – a product of circumstances?
Lecture performance.
22.00: Michail Michailov, "But you want me, don’t you . . .” Performance 2010.

Current exhibition: “You won't make a (nation)state with us”
Curators: Ursula Maria Probst and Walter Seidl, until 18 Dec. 2010

The exhibition project analyses immigrant situation mechanisms, particularly those affecting the situation of people living in Vienna and Lower Austria. What opportunities are there for non-EU citizens in a historically founded multi-ethnic living space?

As a result of different inclusion and exclusion mechanisms, the residence possibilities of many people living in this geographical area are repeatedly called into question. Legal amendments are constantly changing the conditions with regard to residency status and the living rights of European and non-European residents.


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