Medien Edition Niederösterreich
Publisher Medienwerkstatt Wien

Medien Edition Niederösterreich

Publisher Medienwerkstatt Wien

Alien Production  Hannes Böck  Ricarda Denzer  Gustav Deutsch  Wilhelm Gaube  Thomas Grusch  Ernst Kopper Gerda Lampalzer  Bernhard Leitner  Timo Novotny  Michael Pilz  Erwin Redl  Constanze Ruhm  Romana Scheffknecht  Gue Schmidt  Jutta Strohmaier  René Weissinger  Markus Wintersberger

Presentation by the curators
Gerda Lampalzer Manfred Neuwirth  Constantin Wulff


With the first four issues of the DVD, Edition Position-N starts a project that documents the extensive film and media-art production in and around the province of Lower Austria. The focus of the edition is on the artists’ varied forms of work, which on the one hand arise on the basis of the specifics of a region and on the other hand can go far beyond them. The selection is made in cooperation with curators, who with the respective thematic focuses also contribute their personal perspectives in the compilation of the programme. Position-N should be seen as a statement: an open editorial space for the contemporary media culture of the region.


Programme #01 Territories
Through the concept of territory, Constantin Wulff approaches the regional documentary view based on three films from three decades.

Programme #02 Michael Pilz – film artist
Manfred Neuwirth presents the filmic and conceptual universe of the famous film artist Michael Pilz.

Programme #03 + #04 Cultural Prize winners, media art
With selected works, Gerda Lampalzer presents all the previous Lower Austrian Cultural Prize winners in the media art sector.


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