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Janichs multimediale Arbeiten befassen sich mit Erinnerung, Gewalt und Identität. Sie hinterfrägt menschliche Beziehungen durch das Zurschaustellen menschlichen Fehlverhaltens.

Speakers: Andrea Winklbauer and Agnes Janich

Janich’s multimedia works are concerned with memory, violence and identity. She scrutinises human relationships by staging human wrongdoing.

Her questions to us:
How does one love in the shadow of a crematorium?
How can we feel the past?
Why are we hurting ourselves?
What are the boundaries of freedom of each individual? To one another?
Is the mother-child relationship really a selfless model of a perfect relationship?

Agnes Janich: born in 1985 in Poland. Agnes Janich has intensively analysed the culture of memory and contemporary forms of monuments. Exhibitions among others at the 9th Sharjah Biennale in the UAE, the MLAC in Rome and Garage CCC in Moscow (2013).

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