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PANik 5 is a series of events organised by >Performance Art Network Vienna

PANik 5 is a series of events organised by >Performance Art Network Vienna

“... The very transience of the always too brief, never completely graspable moment represents an opportunity for immediacy and directness, volatility and the immediately-to-be-remembered. But it is paradoxically also a sustained fixing and anchoring in the perception–perhaps exactly because of the demand that performance makes today on its audience–to look closely now.
We are all standing before a rich offering of media with which we can develop an artistic vocabulary to discribe or reinterpret our world. Through performance the tasks connected with a fast-paced age can continually be approached with ease. ...
... Reliance on oneself, on personal questions, and on the individual emotional, mental and physical perceptions that a performer faces, and at the same time a decelaration and the path toward the unknown, the new and the unrepeatable–all this appears to me as the most important stimuli with which performance should be dealing.
In this light, performance art today is charged with the task of searching for an individual artistic language, particularly in its self-orientation and in the perspective shift from watching to acting.
Time and its inextricable bond to space still prescribe the parameters of every area of observation examined here. If I therefore see the love of art also as a longing to reach a floating state of indifference, then performance serves as a strategy to escape from time, to penetrate timeless space and spaceless time, to stop and be carried away–even just for a moment.
(from Peter Kozek „It is just a moment, ...“ in „Blossoms of a Multitude“, Transmedia Art, Vienna, 2011)

For PANik5 kozek hörlonski focus on cross-media works dealing individually with the phenomena of percepting time, space and the body in staged images.
Therefore the entire structure and ambience of the evening will closely follow secret seances –  where the performers at the same time embody their own medium – and private musical soirées. It is in our interest to work with the tension between intimacy and self-display, internalization and public appearance.
Nonetheless the performers should be given artistic freedom and space as much as possible for the development of their work.


>Hedwig Houben (NL)
„Six Possibilities For A Sculpture ...“

>Wolfgang Müller (D/IS)
Performance based on „Séance Vocibus Avium“

>Jakob Lena Knebl& Hans Scheirl (A)
newly developed performance

Gerhard Veismann (A)
„Glass Condert“

>Tellervo Kalleinen (FI)
“Recycling You“


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