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Filmscreening accompanying the exhibition

Filmscreening accompanying the exhibition NOT JUST AN IMAGE, BUT A WHOILE WORLD

Cartoons by selected artists will be screened
Curated by Renate Kordon

Not just one but 87.840 images, transformed by seventeen artists into 61 minutes of inspiring animated film.
The choice brings another dimension to the theme of the exhibition. Thousands of images accumulated in time, transformed by kinematografic compression into a world of virtual episodes.
The eye is being tricked by accelerated motion of originally static motives – and viewing becomes diving into a space-time-continuum, which exists in true sense only at the twinkling of an eye.

A single line takes us along and into a body, spots become actors,  habits of seeing are being turned over, soap dispensers act their own soap opera, coffeepowder captivates the viewer, coloured memories overlapp gray everyday life, tough men perform their lullaby. Afterimage and imagination tricks us as well as cell painting or strokes of a brush. A nightmare-comix, a science fiction search and a visit in a Lebanese refugie camp. . . . .

Pascale Osterwalder   “Daily Soap“, “Prehistoric“
Stopmotion | Mischtechnik | Zeichentrick, 2007, 45“, 35“
Nana Swiczinsky   “WIEDER HOLUNG“
Zeichentrick, 1997, 8´
Andrea Lüth   “Powerpainters Lullaby“
Zeichentrick, 2007, 5´13“, Musik: Krafftmalerei
Sabine Groschup  “Haus“
Phasentrick, 1988, 2:30, Musik: Martin Lauterer
Aneta Grzeszczyk  “ich nicht“
Rotoskopie, 2008, 3´
Martin Kaltner   “Sirap Meduso“
Mal- u. Zeichentrick, 1990, 5´30“
Anna Vidyaykina  “Folia“
Kaffeepulver auf Leuchttisch, 2010, 1´43“, Musik: Antonio Martín y Coll
Anna Vidyaykina    “so long“
Stop Motion, 2011, 20“, Stimme: Badri Skhirtladze

Miriam Baker Michael Kern   “Memory“
Rotoskopie, 2009, 4´10“, Musik: Zoot Woman
Renate Kordon   “Hors d´oeuvre“
Zeichentrick, 1981, 4´30“
Andreea Jebelean   “Light Link“
Lichtzeichnung, 2008, 1´21“
Zsuzsanna Werner   “The way to M“
2D,3D, Stop Motion, Mixed Media, Musik: Alexander Hengl / theclosing
Adnan Popovic   “Tinamv1“
Pixellation, 2011, 4´, Musik: KILO, "Melody"
Stefanie Wuschitz   “Tetescha us“
Rotoskopie I Zeichentrick, 2006, 9´
Barbara Wilding Eva Hausberger  “Die Leiberl der Barbara Wilding“
Rotoskopie, 2004, 1´30“, Musik: Lucas Niggli
Alys Hawkins    “Herein“
Zeichentrick, 2004, 1´20“


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