Opening Dissent : Repetition

Opening of the exhibition: 


Attempting a regardful practice


Welcome Christiane Krejs
About the exhibition: Sophie Utikal, Denise Fragner, Patrick Wiesauer
Performance at the Horoskopzelt: Risotto, Martin Chramosta
Carry On, Wiedergegebenes, Angela Strohberger (not alone)
Musik Musik Musik (from more than one person and a DJ Playlist)


In 2011 students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna founded the Open Class. Their motivation for this was the need to design a form of open and self-determined teaching that understands itself as an alternative to the master-class principle. Under the thematic focus of “collaborative work”, the Open Class is carrying out an exhibition project in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich. With the concept Dissent: Repetition: Attempting a regardful practice, an environment develops that gives space and time for individual artistic practice and mutual referencing. The exhibition room and space are structured by slots, that is, spatial and temporal units that create a curatorial context. In the exhibition the cooperation alongside and with one another is revealed, but so is possible dissent within the Open Class. At the artistic level, the continual exchange in the group encourages referentiality, repetition and intensification of content; thematically the works revolve around the Open Class itself, the Kunstraum as an institution, individual and group, as well as around relationship and communication.


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