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Based on the interest in concerning themselves with non-hierarchical, self-determined possibilities of the shared knowledge and art production and with the format of the exhibition, a concept for a specific practice of exhibiting in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich developed. A movement of positions in an already described space in which the implementation of a concept in a field of tension between individual and collaborative ways of working develops.

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An exhibition by the Open Class at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Dissent : Repetition
Attempting a regardful practice

Opening: 5 June 2014

Since July 2011 there has been an Open Class at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The essential motivation for setting it up was to design a form of open and above all self-determined teaching that understands itself as an alternative to the master-class principle. The teaching content is chosen and organised by the members of the group themselves. 
Building on the analysis of the different methods of collaboration, the requirement arose to create surroundings and situations in which both a satisfying artistic practice is possible for the individuals as well as attentive regard for one another. Referentialities and disagreements within the Open Class as well as the interwoven working with and alongside one another become visible in the exhibition project. What is important is how the group presents itself in working how this working together forms individual positions. Since the start of the one-year preparatory phase, the continual and repeating exchange has provided the basis for form and content references in the gallery.

In relation to this, the time at the Kunstraum will be structured by the awarding of slots that serve as a jointly conceived curatorial framework. The term “slot” describes a spatial and temporal unit that is used according to the requirements and interests of the individual members of the Open Class. The arrangement of the slots can both feed on the artistic works of the participants as well as being understood as a platform to work in a curatorial way.

The communicability of a collective, processual practice is an essential part of the explorations of the group. An insight into the discourses of the exhibition is to be provided in the form of tours, participative project contributions, explicit invitations and discussions.


Curator Concept: Open Class

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Supporting programme:

11 05 2014, 11.30H
Delal Isci, Dislocating History, Researching Realms of Modernity
Brunch Lecture with Delal Isci and Dr. Ruby Sircar 

14 06 2014, 13.00H
Delal Isci, Dislocating History, Researching Realms of Modernity
Art Talk with Delal Isci and Prof. Dr. Sérgio Costa

17 06 2014, 17.00H
Imagine: a place…, guided tour

24 + 25 06 2014, 11.00H
The Unit, Workshop with Artur Żmijewski


05 07 2014, 11.00H
Crafting Desire: Dreaming, Workshop with Matthias Julian

10 July 2014, 19.00H
Performance evening - For Tonight Just Inner Space

15 07 2014, 17.00H
Imagine: a place…II, guided tour

22 07 2014, 18.00H
Lebensmittel Kunst: Ein Happening mit Geburtstagskuchen und sozialer Plastik

6 Nov. 2014, 19.00H
Presentation of the exhibition catalogue


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