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Anna Ceeh/ Iv Toshain, Julia Danzinger/ Serena Lee, Iris Dittler, Fanni Futterknecht, Christina Gillinger, Veronika Hauer/ Nicole Miltner

The exhibition „S/HE IS THE ONE“ is dedicated to current performative artistic practices, embodiment strategies and their articulation in various media compared to historic positions of performance art. How is a different or a newly experienceable world produced through performances? How are methods of appropriation, deconstruction, construction, reformulation, transposition or translation applied? How much does performance in art serve as a method of articulating political, feminist questions or the role of authorship in direct confrontation with the audience?


Curated by: Ursula Maria Probst




24 10 2013, 19.00H Opening

Performance SUPER VÈRO
Book presentation Lilo Nein with Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
(Wenn Analysen Gedichte wären ...Arbeiten zwischen Text und Performance, Schlebrügge.Editor, Wien 2013)
DJANNE meshestomeshes


21 11 2013, 19.00H  during the VIENNA ART WEEK

Veronika Hauer/ Nicole Miltner, In a manner of speaking, #2
Christina Gillinger, An audience who cannot speak english is no audience
Anna Ceeh/ Iv Toshain (HOT) ВИЗИБЛ DJ feat. Chilo Eribenne


Christina Gillinger analyses hierarchies that develop through (supposed) knowledge, origin and language.

Anna Ceeh & Iv Toshian are presenting their performance "(HOT) ВИЗИБЛ".


27 11 2013, 19.00H

Julia Danzinger/ Serena Lee, Jeux d'eau
Iris Dittler, mind is as close as you come
Fanni Futterknecht, Sanfte Geste Sound: Tomate van Monte


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