Archive: H13 2013 Lower Austria Prize for Performance: Peter Fritzenwallner

Performance and prize-giving: 5 Sept. 2013 | 19.00
Exhibition until 7 Sept. 2013

Afterwards on the stage in the courtyard
BAND P o P _ X and The Power Nasty Bitch
DJ hanz ullrich ohbrist and the tino seagullz?!

This year’s H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance is awarded to the artist Peter Fritzenwallner for the performance Doesn’t anybody ever interrupt my monologue . . .
The jury based its choice on the fact that with his “micro-performances” and “performance walks”,, Peter Fritzenwallner creates mobile reference systems in which public space, art space and personal encounter create permeable areas of great artistic density and quality. “He does not assert great, self-contained narrations – rather with his humorous operating instructions and interventions he repeatedly hands over control to others and incorporates chance as a dynamic narrative element.”
Fritzenwallner places an essential aspect of the whole performance, namely the process, into the hands of the audience. He hands over the role of director, the control and the formative power over the process. He thereby consciously creates a situation in which in there is space for chance and improvisation. Audience and performer thereby move together in a field of tension of authorship, participation and emancipation in the sense of refusal, with the focus clearly being on pleasurable action.
Peter Fritzenwallner, born in Salzburg in 1983, studied painting and media art at the University of Applied Art in Vienna, where he also lives and works. Since 2005 he has produced installative works in a combination of apparatus, object and the human body using the simplest materials, which among other things concern themselves with questions of authorship. In recent years Fritzenwallner has concerned himself intensively with performance.


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