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First Performance evening of the series WHERE IS MY PLACE

On Wednesday 3 April, curated by Denise Kottlett, three performances will take place that use deconstruction to examine existing orders and spaces.

Lena Liselotte Schuster collects trophies that are marked with new inscriptions as and when required. Schuster understands trophies as performative bodies on which so to speak an action can be inscribed. Her work is called Egotuning (2010) and it addresses the dependence of young artists on art prizes such as the H13. The feminist rap duo KLITCLIQUE (Judith Rohrmoser, Mirjam Schweiger) from Vienna turns part of the Kunstraum into a backstage area, which again functions as a stage. Classical role models such as groupies are deconstructed, people are taken out of the audience onto the “backstage stage” and so become part of the performance. With her live performance B-Star, untötbar! [B-Star, unkillable!] the well-known video artist, performer and musician Sabine Marte shows how spatial and linguistic boundaries can be dissolved.
Afterwards the queer DJane collective SCHMUZ takes to the turntables


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