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Performanceabend und Ausstellung der Reihe "WHERE IS MY PLACE?" mit Ulla Rauter, Thomas Grill, Uli Kühn, Angélica Castelló; kuratiert von Lilly Panholzer

The second performance evening (Performance series WHERE IS MY PLACE), on Thursday 18 April, is dedicated to the intersection between performance and sound art, and is curated by Lilly Panholzer. Transience and uniqueness turn sound into an experience that constitutes itself through the presence of a place, of actors and recipients.

In her performances Ulla Rauter transports events from one medium into another, feels light and substance, space and body, and allows sound to emerge from in between. While Uli Kühn changes the real, architecturally predefined venue of the “Kunstraum Niederoesterreich” into an instrument, Angélica Castelló from Mexico constructs a shrill altar for cheap electro instruments in the room. In his work series world construction Thomas Grill concerns himself with how sound changes the world over time.


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