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The sculpturer and art lecturer Michael Kienzer has assembled a team of twelve young artists to present a fairly comprehensive sample of contemporary sculptural work.

In its forth exhibition the KUNST RAUM NOE presents for the first time, in line with its specially conceived and tailor-made concept, a group display with an artist curator. The sculpturer and art lecturer Michael Kienzer has assembled a team of twelve young artists to present a fairly comprehensive sample of contemporary sculptural work.

Well-known young artists like Roland Kollnitz but also young artists still studying and participating for the first time in a larger exhibition form part of Kienzer’s group.
Furthermore internationally renowned artists such as Ingeborg Strobl, Martin Walde, Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler as well as Kienzer himself participate.
This framework of overlapping generations not only permits to approach the subject in a rather diverse manner but at the same time creates a very stimulating flair favouring the internal communication of the exhibited works.

The definite role of space is certainly the central element prevailing throughout this exhibition. Subtile three-dimensional and architectural interventions create the framework for the presentation of a series of objects and installations throughout the exhibition hall. The juxtaposition of spacious, ample installations and small sculptures neutralizes the usually given relation between cause and  effect.

Even the usually not included lounge area gets involved as it is covered by a large transparency of cloth. This textile display of Gilbert Bretterbauer finds continuity by Markus Wilfling who decorates  a large window of the Kunstraum with curtains however attaching them outside the premises thus reflecting the space and extending it. Irritation and inversion are also the basis for his shadow plays with surveillance cameras, he doubles in an ingenious manner: the shadow as a two-dimensional object turns a sculpture.
With concrete pouring out of unusual ventilation shafts and cracks of the walls Sabina Hörtner perceives in her way the existing space.

In stark contrast to several other works, the importance of the material appears reduced. Werner Feiersinger for instance displays a polished metal sculpture – at first sight an undefinable space barrier: a hybrid object in the tradition of Minimalism involving and challenging the visitor just as many other exhibits in Blasser Schimmer.

Likewise Karina Bruckner’s whitewashed installation: Die Poetik meiner Kindheit as well as the media artist Markus Sulzbacher whose sculpture is the output of decoding a rock face via a computer program; last not least the polystyrene wall by Martin Walde inviting the visitor to literally dismantle it without any hint of the prodecure to follow. This interface adds an intriguing component of ambuigity and suspense : apparent coincidence next to precision.
This holds also true for the overlapping of practically all the segments of this exhibition, for instance in particular Kienzer’s recent work, a roughly sketched metal sculpture. Ingeborg Strobl simply exhibits two objects thus bridging a time difference of thirty years.

Curated by: Michael Kienzer


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