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The exhibition was realised in collaboration with Unit F – office of fashion and Römerquelle

The exhibition was realised in collaboration with Unit F – office of fashion and Römerquelle.

Within the media, the communication of fashion, it's translation into images, is almost as important as its creation. This year, Römerquelle is presenting the first Editorial Award for Fashion Photography for a creatively impressive, unpublished photo editorial. The company is thereby coining a contemporary continuation of the former Römerquelle art competition at the interface of art and advertising. There were approximately 60 submissions for the Editorial Award; ten of the best projects will be presented at an exhibition.

Römerquelle has always relied on photography and fashion as part of the brand - not only on its posters, which have helped to form Austrian advertising history, but also in art sponsoring. The intention was and is to erase as far as possible the border between advertising and art and to brighten up the artistic scene in Austria. The Römerquelle Award is a supplement to our series of posters and a continuation of the former unique Römerquelle Art Competition - all of which are intended to serve the same purpose: to promote young, avant garde art and to inject a stimulating influence into urbane everyday culture.

Editorials - in other words series of photographs produced for magazines - are always a welcome opportunity not only for fashion designers, but also for photographers, stylists, make-up artists and hair stylists to present their work and their ability.
In order to focus attention also on this environment, which is indispensable for the fashion scene, the Römerquelle Editorial Award is being given for an unpublished editorial. This editorial will be distinguished by top photographic performance, technical implementation, best styling performance and best make-up/hairstyling. The Römerquelle Editorial Award consists of a cash prize of EUR 2,500 and publication of the editorial.
>Claudia Casentini >Georg Eckmayr >Ditz Fejer >Katharina Gossow >Yasmina Haddad >Harald Kreimel >Georg Molterer >Pilo Pichler >Bernd Preiml > Tragopan>Esther Vörösmarty


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