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experimental – performative – discursive

As an exhibition space for young artists, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich is characterized by its openness for experimental and transdisciplinary projectsIt is a place of artistic research and simultaneously lively place for contemporary art. The space offers presentation opportunities for Austrian and international artists. The program is also diversified by occasional contributions from guest curators from Austria and abroad.

Current and innovative tendencies in art are shown with a special emphasis on time-based media, especially on the medium of performance. Performance is understood - also due to the exhibition conditions of an exhibition space - in the context and its specific history within the visual arts.

At the core of the promotion of the medium of performance is the annual awarding of the H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance. Selected by an annually alternating jury, the winning project is presented to the public.

Kunstraum Niederoesterreich offers space for different interest groups to develop their own encounters with art and unterstands itself as a public communication platform for art. Besides a range of established educational formats, a special focus is dedicated to project work in cooperation with associations that are active in social work.

The Kunstraum Niederoesterreich is part of the NÖ Festival und Kino GmbH.

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