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Fri, 17/11/2023
Part 1 Discourse on Storming (Performance)

Part 2 – Sounds to Rejoice and Grieve in the Water Realm of Spirits (B2B DJ set by SOÑXSEED aka Soñ Gweha and IMSOBABY curated by ZAGAZA)


Part 1

Discourse on Storming

Performance by SOÑXSEED (aka Soñ Gweha)

Taking inspiration from the essay Discourse on Colonialism (1950) by the Martinican co-founder of the Négritude movement Aimé Césaire, SOÑXSEED (aka Soñ Gweha) presents the poetic participatory performance The Source Part 1 - Discourse on Storming. A Supernova figure, not quite different from the protagonist in Soñ Gweha’s video in their exhibition at Kunstraum – the healing figure Nyum Supernova – will perform some of their poems by blowing them into lightening multitudes… See for yourselves!


Part 2

Sounds to Rejoice and Grieve in the Water Realm of Spirits

B2B DJ set by SOÑXSEED (aka Soñ Gweha) and IMSOBABY
curated by ZAGAZA

Join us for the B2B DJ set by SOÑXSEED (aka Soñ Gweha) and IMSOBABY, curated by the ZAGAZA collective, The Source Part 2 – Sounds to Rejoice and Grieve in the Water Realm of Spirits. Mobilizing analog djing and combining Jazz, R&B, Afrobeats, Rumba, Zouk and liberation chants to pursue their exploration of Black, queer, visionary mythologies through the utopian, the erotic and the spiritual, SOÑXSEED and IMSOBABY’s joint set seeks to make space for a regenerative experience of solace.



IMSOBABY is a queer Black multidisciplinary artist, curator and DJ. Born and raised in France and of Congolese descent, they are currently based in Geneva. IMSOBABY’s sonic journey is a celebration and tribute to the rich tapestry of their identity and the diverse community that surrounds them.Prepare to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind musical experience that will undoubtedly leave you surrendering to the rhythm on the dancefloor. With a fusion of Afrobeats, Batida, GQOM, Vogue, Techno, Jersey, Hip Hop, Baile Funk, and beyond, they craft a diasporic sonic landscape that lingers in your memory long after the music stops.


ZAGAZA is a curatorial body of Black femme performance & visual artists stemming from the African diaspora. Based in Switzerland, they ground their artistry in the curation & production of celebratory raving & clubbing experiences that center Blacqueer & indigenous histories & cultures of communal expression. Their desire is to hold space & facilitate sensory experiences with their communities through merging mixed art forms and the developing a greater network of QTBiPOC artists with whom they co-create platforms & spaces to care, heal & enrich community life by sustaining culturally & politically relevant and inclusive event curation.

This collaborative offering was co-curated by Tanyaradzwa Moyo on behalf of ZAGAZA. Tanyaradzwa Moyo is a Zimbabwean and Cameroonian, Swiss-based care curator, multi-modal artist, community organizer & co-founding member of ZAGAZA


Soñ Gweha is an artist, researcher and community organizer who lives and works in the outskirts of Paris and in Vienna. Soñ's artistic practice is located at the intersection of contemporary art and community work and encompasses a wealth of different media: The spectrum ranges from poetry, video and performance to analog DJing and culinary practices. At its core is an exploration of alternative forms of intimacy, tenderness, and vulnerability from an Afro- and queer-feminist perspective.



The live program BLOWIN´ is realized with the friendly support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council. For the full live program please click HERE.


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