Sat, 14 December 2019

Sugar, baby! X-mas with us and Matthäus Bär


3 p.m. Concert 
5 p.m. Christmas Punch & Cookies in Kunstraum Niederoesterreich


Let's be real: What is Advent about? About the contemplative get-togethers, dancing around from Christmas party to Christmas party, or the stress as the year rushes to the finish line? We’ll say it aloud: It's about sugar! At year’s end, work is being done on dental health and on blood sugar levels at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, as if there were no tomorrow. We’ll celebrate the end of the year and the upcoming holidays with a concert by Matthäus Bär for artistic children and artist-kids as of 3 p.m.. A concert where one can see the "big star of the little people," (Der Standard) and where one can be a childless adult and still go through the concert with a smile. Matthäus Bär has been making the best children's songs of the city since 2013, covering the most important topics of life: cycling, eating ice cream and the exasperating bedtime. His playful music, full of winking towards the alleged adults, takes all age groups seriously. How fitting that Matthäus Bär's last hit album for children itself, was called "Sugar."

And to all those who are fed up with Rock'n'Roll-Kids for an Advent Saturday, you are cordially invited to the Christmas Punch in Kunstraum Niederoesterreich at 5 p.m.. With punch and cookies, adults can boost their insulin production, nostalgically think of the past year of exhibitions in Kunstraum Niederoesterreich or speculate about the upcoming annual program.

We look forward to seeing you, big or small!



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