Performance by Rowdy SS in collaboration with Rebecca Bellantoni

TU, 26 07 2022, 7:00 pm 

What does it mean to inscribe the body into a static system like the physical space? To inject its movements and noise, its irrationalities and unruly formations into heavy architecture, into the stone walls of the white cube? Continuing his engagement with the gallery space at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Rowdy SS presents the performance GLASS (2022) in collaboration with Rebecca Bellantoni.

The performance constitutes an integral part of Rowdy SS’ multi-faceted and site-responsive eponymous installation currently on view: A multi-sensory constellation of a newly produced sound piece and a sculpture with over a hundred vessels filled with water that appropriate the alignment of the Palais Niederoesterreich, GLASS seeks to unhinge the heaviness of the gallery and foreground malleability and movement instead.

GLASS is organized as part of the group exhibition LIMINAL SPACE RECORDS


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