Public Guided Tour Wake Words

SA, 16 10 2021; 1:00 pm
SA, 30 10 2021; 1:00 pm


Many electronic devices listen in when their owners are speaking in order to be immediately available when they hear their special wake word, be it “Alexa” or “Siri”. At the same time, there is something inherently enchanting about such words; their power is reminiscent of magic phrases like “open sesame” or “abracadabra”. The exhibition Wake Words refers to the power of such invocations, which operate in a zone between dream and wakefulness.

A main departure point is the notion of „voice recognition”. It is creeping into many everyday situations in our lives and, like so many technological innovations, seems to be “neutral” and useful. However, the formulation already assumes a certain concept of a voice that is to be recognised. Are there voices which are not recognised and thus go unheard? In a world where attempts are being made to attach background profiles or social status to one’s voice, isn’t there a potential advantage in remaining unheard and incognito?

The guided tours on October, 16 and October, 30 offer the opportunity to get to the bottom of the artistic positions of this extraordinary exhibition, which focuses not only on seeing but also on hearing.


An exhibition by and with The Golden Pixel Cooperative
Conceived by Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Olena Newkryta, and Marlies Pöschl


Artists: Iris Blauensteiner & Rojin Sharafi, Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Eva Giolo, Nathalie Koger, Saadia Mirza, Joana Moll, Olena Newkryta & Nana Thurner, Pedro Oliveira, Bárbara Palomino Ruiz, Marlies Pöschl, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda, Lisa Truttmann & Behrouz Rae, Diana Vidrascu, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries und Katarina Zdjelar


Due to the measures taken to contain the spread of COVID-19, we continue to ask for registration at with the subject "Curator's tour Wake Words".

The "2,5-G rule" (PCR-tested, vaccinated, recovered) currently applies to our placement opportunities. This means you must have proof of a negative PCR test result, a completed vaccination, or confirmation that you have survived a COVID-19 infection.


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