Stages of Grief

Programme presentation 2021

FR, 21 01 2022, 10:00 am


We had to endure a lot. The current health crisis - and all the latent crises that became even more visible because of it - was a traumatic incision in all our lives. Time, which supposedly heals all wounds, will have to pass a little longer to reveal a clear perspective on the pandemic, its consequences and its retrospective, social significance.

What we can already talk about, however, is how we deal with such deep cuts: After traumatic events - and the abrupt changes in our lives from mid-March 2020 onwards can hardly be described in any other way - both people and collectives go through different phases of mourning. You all know them: sometimes you don't want to admit it, then you might get angry or you accept what you cannot change.

We are pleased to present the annual program 2022 on 21.01.2022 and to reveal how our exhibition program might address our collective trauma. It will be about elegies and collective mourning, fleeting spatiality and individual risk management in the face of systemic failure. So far, so cryptic!


As always, our collaborators of the year will be present: artists, guest curators and the team. We ask for registration at .


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