Performatorium #022 on artistic research: embodied knowledges

SA, 29 01 2022, 11am – 3pm
Concept: Performatorium (Olivia Jaques and Marlies Surtmann)


The octopus, whose eight arms resemble eight tongues, which grasp, taste, grope the world. It investigates, it searches, it tries, it builds, it takes on different forms, it anticipates, it imitates, it plays and explores. Its brain reaches to the very tips of its tentacles: octopuses think by doing. In his play Yo, tambien hablo de la rosa (1965), the playwright and screenwriter Emilio Carballido also points out the connection between feeling and knowing when he has one of his characters explain: "[K]nowledge is like the heart, hidden and beating, glowing imperceptibly, regulating canals that flow back and forth and flow into other canals, torrents and unexpected currents managed by radial complexity of very powerful central ventricles." (Diana Taylor after Carballido 2003) Like Carballido, we want to understand knowledge as an undefined and ever-changing bodily process – memories of the learned and the tested moving unpredictably and pulsating through our bodies. In this sense at the coming up Performatorium we want to explore with our senses. The focus is on forms of knowledge of artistic performative practice, embodied knowledges, including their uncertainty, ambiguity and disorder.

Each participant is invited to prepare one research question: This is about an interest that is formulated as a question and will subsequently be investigated artistically (1-2 lines). In the workshop, we will deal with these questions brought along and will examine them in performative ways. In the discursive part of the workshop, we will approach the concept of artistic research through in-depth reading.



Everyone who is interested in the intersection of performance art and artistic research is invited to the workshop. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

Please register by sending your own question by 21 January to anmeldung[at] After registration the text to be prepared will be sent.


PLEASE NOTE: For this workshop, the "2G+ rule" (vaccinated or recovered and PCR tested) currently applies. This means that you must show proof of a completed vaccination or confirmation of a survived COVID-19 infection and additionally proof of a negative PCR test result.


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