Performatorium #011

Performatorium # 011 – Laboratory for a contemporary performative practice

SAT, 13.07.2019, 11am – 15am
Ruheoase Matzleinsdorferplatz
Traffic Island Matzleinsdorferplatz, 1050 Wien
In the event of rain an alternative meeting point will be announced.

Curated by Olivia Jaques and Marlies Surtmann

Participation is free and open to anyone interested, registration requested at:

In times of loud and strong voices against the lack of action concerning the climate issue, we turn to our inner peace, to gain strength for the challenges we still have to face. Surrounded by street noise and vehicles of all kinds, we explore the traffic island as a quasi-spiritual center. We reach this place without Venga Airways and claim it for our individual peace of mind. Exhaust gases are inhaled and exhaled (breathing masks will be provided!). We perceive the cars moving by, unstoppable, and let them pass in their haste. Everything is pulsating, everything is swinging, everything is flowing. You are invited to feel the energy of this special place and let the sound of the constantly floating traffic carry your mind away. Find yourself or your great (all-embracing) love in the Ruheoase Matzleinsdorferplatz. With this work performed for the first time in 2018, Marlene Lucy Gutscher and Clemens Brunner invite us to participate in their performance. In doing so, we get a sneak peak into working methods and creative processes of the artists. Performances are seen, heard, made, re-performed, retold, documented. We re-activate the work and remember, in doing, a performance which we did not experience before, we experience and co-recreate it at the same time.
In this project, the artists confront urban aesthetics with a strategy of self-empowerment for citizens and invite all participants of the Performatorium, but also all interested passer-bys, to claim the public space and draw from unrecognized potentials. How much beauty, peace and strength is in our urban space? Are these latent habitats worth discovering? How far are we willing to go, to adapt our life forms to the conditions of the growing city? Where does urban space end and where does nature begin? In the second and discursive part we turn to these questions and visit the current exhibition Nature \ nature at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, which deals with the concept of nature in our technologized present.
Bring your yoga pants (bright colors and glitter preferred) and yoga mats, wear sunscreen!


This project is a cooperation between Performatorium Vienna and Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.


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