Living in the Storm / Embodying the Storm

Fri, 20/10/2023, 6.30 - 8pm

Panel discussion with Faris Cuchi Gezahegn (Afro Rainbow Austria), Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur (Pamoja), KitchenSProsper (Tanyaradzwa Moyo & Paloma Lukumbi), Sunanda Mesquita (WE DEY x space), moderated by Soñ Gweha (Atayé)      


Asking the question 'How to keep blowin’ in a time of ecological and colonial warfare?' the panel discussion elaborates on organizational structures, infrastructures and networks of mutual support and care. The anchor point of the conversation is the "storm" mentioned in the exhibition title as a metaphor of resistance and solidarity among Black, Indigenous, People of Color, as well as Queers of color.         

The objective of the participatory discussion is to open a space where community organizers/artists/activists are able to talk about their practices and actions and unravel     the question of how they “keep blowin’” amidst the difficulties of current times. This discussion seeks to make space for more transnational as well as local dialogue, affinities, and reflection. Besides, its aim is to archive past actions by retelling them as well as to articulate future desires. Everyone is welcome to share insights and actively participate in the discussion.


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