Iris Blauensteiner & Rojin Sharafi: Strom

TH, 18 11 2021, 07:00 pm
Performance within VIENNA ART WEEK


In the collaboratively developed performance setting Strom, Iris Blauensteiner and Rojin Sharafi research a dynamic interplay of human and technical actors. Based on the narration of an evolving literary text, voice is combined, connected and recoded with electronic music, textures and programmed sound components. In a choreography of text, movement, stillness and minimal gestures, the performers interact via sound. Interdisciplinary interlaced, reciprocal technical-human-physical-abstract-narrative processes emerge. A force field spans between the abstract sound and its embodiment. Viewers are invited to be part of the uncanny utopian atmosphere of the live performance Strom in the physical exhibition space.


The performance will take place as part of the exhibition Wake Words by and with The Golden Pixel Cooperative.


Due to the measures taken to contain the spread of COVID-19, we continue to ask for registration at  with the subject line "Blauensteiner & Sharafi".

For our events and art education offers, 2-G-rule (vaccinated or recovered) currently applies. This means that you must show proof of a completed vaccination or confirmation of a survived COVID-19 infection.


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