Guided Tour through the exhibition STORMY WEATHER

SAT 17 10 2020, 01:00 pm


In the current age of the climate change the weather has mutated from harmless small talk to, quite literally, a hot topic. And besides the meteorological transformations, we are living in stormy times: Our constant companion is an apparently ephemeral, human-made cloud, a data producing and consuming construct, which we incessantly feed and has now become a fixed component of our society. 

Our exhibition Stormy Weather deals with human-made clouds, especially the technological "cloud". How do cloud server farms, which themselves emit large amounts of CO2, in turn affect the weather and climate? How are politics made with the cloud?
Answers to these questions and an opportunity to take a closer look at the works in the exhibition will be provided during the guided tour with our mediator Nicole Sabella.


After the guided tour we invite you to play a round TECH TABU with us. Are Tor, router and IP address foreign words for you? Then play with us Tech Tabu! The game, originally designed for a so-called "cloud bar", was developed by the artist Daniela Brugger in the context of the performance workshop TRAKKATAKK and deals with data security on the Internet. You can cheat yourself with your most complicated passwords and personal data more game time and play for a goodie from Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.


Due to the measures taken to contain the spread of COVID-19, please register at with the subject: “Guided Tour – Stormy Weather 17.10.”.


++++ This guided tour is FULLY BOOKED! ++++


Alternatively, you are welcome to register for the public tour on  October,31 or the curatorial tour on November,14. If you have registered and are unable to attend the guided tour, please cancel your registration by e-mail, so that we can allocate your place to other interested visitors. Many thanks!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding hygiene measures, we will be happy to provide you with information. Our employees have been instructed in the applicable hygiene and clearance rules and would like to make your stay with us a successful one.


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