Forever Young
A cycle of poems by Ötzi - presented by Ariane Koch

Presentation of the radio play by Ariane Koch on FR, 18 12 2020 (online, more information below)


During this year's lockdowns, exhibitions and exhibits slumbered behind closed museum doors; they waited for visitors, wondering about the whimsical atmosphere and the silence. In the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, a star of human history has also been eking out a quiet existence for several years now: Ötzi.

Ötzi is the oldest human mummy ever found. He is known as a piece of frozen history that provides us with information about the Stone Age and evolution itself. With Forever Young, Ötzi addresses the public as a poet for the first time and not only evokes his life in the Stone Age, but also describes his present, unfulfilled love for another exhibit - the primeval horse. But did you know that Ötzi also had enemies, not only those responsible for his death? And that he secretly pursued his second career as a DJ?

With the radio play and an accompanying edition, artist and playwright Ariane Koch focuses on the human ability to appropriate the millennia-old history of mankind through fiction. Even if we cannot fully comprehend the rift between Ötzi and Yeti. Drama! 

On 18.12.2020 Ariane Koch's or Ötzi's audio play will go online on our podcast Im Kunstraum. The audio play was created for this occasion. You can subscribe to our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Deezer.

If you register here with your postal address by 03.12.2020, we will send you a mail art edition with excerpts of Ötzi's poems to celebrate the end of this miserable year!

Let's end this year cheerfully!


Text: Ötzi
Concept/Director: Ariane Koch
Sound: Lukas Huber
Voice: Lukas Marsoner
Many thanks to Pizzeria Sole & friends


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