Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe: Le Boudoir

Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe: Le Boudoir

Performance as part of our anniversary series Sweet Sixteen

TU 07 12 2021, 7:00 pm  
The performance has been postponed to TH, 12 05 2022 due to the current lockdown.


Nothing can be harder than a true change of perspective: our perception is individual, it is situated, and it creates what we call reality - all that we think we know; all that exists inside and outside of ourselves. Perhaps each of us really does have his or her own truth; certainly, however, all of our views of what we call reality differ.

The idea of a multifaceted social is at the heart of Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe's practice. Nothing is given to us in its entirety in her work; something always eludes us. The set, the actions, the presence of the bodies on stage are shown from a particular angle, always with the presumption that what just catches the eye can only be one point of view. She foregrounds that the individual vantage point does not allow us to perceive comprehensively: Depending on the phenomenon at stake, we have to change our perspective and take up the position of others.

So, what could be more fitting than paying tribute to the eye itself? Le Boudoir by Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe is dedicated to the eye as a filled hole: a sensory organ and a threshold, a zone of transition.


Join us in celebrating the closing of the 2021 exhibition year and accept Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe's invitation:

"The hole as an opening, ladies and gentlemen! Take all the openings you can find! Jump on them! Kiss them! Stuff them with your wet mouths! Fall on them! Smash them to pieces! Take them apart! Don't give them a moment's rest! Try to get in forever! Get out of the way and jump into any hole you find! Get in there! In! Out! In! Out! Invasion! Go deep and come back to the surface, but it's better if you stay inside, nice and warm! In you go! Take them by storm! Rob them blind! Break in wherever you can and gesticulate inside! Do you have a good feeling about them? Go off the edges, scrape the floor! Blow them up! Eat them up! Throw yourself into them and do it with momentum! Climb up them! Dig in at the very end! Take the smallest piece of it! In! Out! Move it! Hurry up! Hurry up! Drill! Dig it in! Pour it on! Mark your territory, all the time! In! All the way in! Again! Stir it up without thinking! Infiltrate every sodden hole you see! Smash them all! Infiltrate again! Closer! Harder! No time to waste, you've already lost too much!"


Due to COVID measures, registration for the event is mandatory with a short email to . In addition, a 2G+ certificat must be provided (recovered or vaccinated and additionally PCR-tested).


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