Care Intermissions / Care Protocols

Fri, 20/10/2023, 2 - 5pm

Workshop with theKitchenSProsper collective, special guest: Decolonial Joy, in English
The exhibition will remain closed for visitors during this workshop.


In this three-hour long workshop, the collective KitchensProsper alongside their special guest Decolonial Joy, invite BIPOC artists and cultural workers in Vienna to collectively explore what they refer to as “care intermissions”. In so doing, they respond to the inquiry that Soñ Gweha has invited them to engage with: How to keep blowin’ in a time of ecological and colonial warfare?

To this end, KitchenSPropser and Decolonial Joy propose a triade of ritualized body-centered, “sensuous-storming” experience. They will curate a space in suspension that offers preventive body resilience and resistance care practices to uncover how we can prepare our bodies to enter into the institution.

The workshop will bring together individual as well as collective practices including meditation, self-massage, self-reflection in form of free writing and group discussions. The aim is to create a “Care Protocol” as a hands-on reflexive strategy of self and collective accountability and ensure the sustainability of our bodily awareness as a counter-hegemonic tool of self-preservation.


This event is exclusively for people who position themselves as BIPOC working in the field of art (artists, cultural workers, researchers, etc.) and BIPOC cultural workers centering queer, trans and femme bodies. BIPOC is an abbreviation for Black, Indigenous and People of Color, i.e. people affected by white supremacist and racist structures. For all other events on this day, everyone is cordially invited.            

We kindly ask you to register for this workshop. Please do so by sending a short email to . Alternatively you can call us: +43 1 90 42 111.


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