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Artist Talk with Julischka Stengele - the H13 award winner in conversation with Stefanie Sourial

SAT 12 09 2020, 01:00 pm


On the last day of the exhibition, this year's H13 winner Julischka Stengele will talk to Stefanie Sourial in a public discussion about her award-winning project BALLAST | EXISTENZ, which adresses the representation of certain social groups who are often framed as being a burden for both economy and society - especially since the Covid-19 crisis. Stengele, who describes herself as „unapologetically fat, queer and femme/inist“, critically examines the media and real political devaluation of those who do not correspond to the currently desired concept of achievement.


Julischka Stengele lives in Vienna and works internationally as artist, performer, writer, lecturer and curator. She studied Design, Photography, Fine Arts, Performance and Queer/Gender Studies in Berlin, Helsinki and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her works have been shown in more than 20 countries around the world and received numerous awards. In September 2019 Stengele directed the queer performance festival Femmes Against Fascism that took place at the Otto-Wagner-Spital in Vienna.


Stefanie Sourial was, along with Katharina Brandl, Astrid Peterle and Luisa Ziaja, part of this year's jury. She works as a creative performance artist in Vienna and teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the Department of Performative Art. In 2007, she graduated from the International School for Theatre, Direction and Stage Design Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Before and during her training she worked as a street sweeper, production assistant or performance coach at various international performance festivals. 2001/2002 Stefanie led theatre workshops with homeless young people in Cairo, Egypt. As a performance artist Sourial creates her own solo projects, including FREAK (2014/15), performed at the Freischwimmer Festival 2014 in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, or her music album Amsterdam which won her the "Blue Bird" Singer Songwriter Award 2014.

She was part of the first queer-feminist burlesque collective in Vienna Club Burlesque Brutal (2009-2015). Since 2012 she has been working with the award-winning company Theater Ad Infinitum in the UK. Since 2017 Stefanie is part of the stand up ensemble PCCC* - political correct Comedy Club, founded by Denice Bourbon and Josef Jöchl, where she regularly performs anti-racist and queer stand up comedy skits. Last year Stefanie Sourial premiered her performance trilogy Colonial Cocktail in co-production with brut Wien. She is currently working on her new production City Of Diaspora, which will be premiered at brut Vienna in April 2021. Her performances are anti-racist, queer and socially critical, combining two narrative styles: the historical and the personal - always focused on the political.



Free admission. The number of participants is limited to 10 persons due to the COVID-19 protection measures. Please register at with the subject "Artist Talk H13 2020".


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the hygiene measures, we will be happy to provide you with information.

Our staff have been instructed in the applicable hygiene and clearance rules and would like to make your stay with us a successful one.


Performance and award ceremony: THU, 03 09 2020, 7:00 pm
Exhibition: FRI, 04 09 – SAT 12 09 2020


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