Artist Talk with Elisabeth Kihlström & Alexander Martinz - the H13 Prize Winners in conversation with Katharina Brandl

SA, 03 09 2022, 1:00 pm 


In the Artist Talk on 03.09.2022, H13 winners Elisabeth Kihlström & Alexander Martinz discuss their award-winning project of the H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance 2022: Metal Heads with artistic director Katharina Brandl. In doing so, they decipher the unifying principle of "metal", which references both the historical avant-garde and the commonly known rock music.  

Costumes that combine the geometric aesthetics of Oskar Schlemmer's "Triadic Ballet" (1922) with the leather and studded look of heavy metal bands, accompanied by a stage set that draws on the visual language of Bauhaus industrial and textile design from geometric metal plates and textiles? This combination seems refreshingly opaque at first, but offers an unexpected weave of historical threads dedicated to gender ambiguity. 

How did Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford secretly transform the macho and heterosexual heavy metal scene into a queer performance art full of leather and androgynous falsetto vocals? Why does "Triadic Ballet" suggest the erasure of gender difference? And in what ways do metal heads appear in historical avant-garde and popular culture?  

Get answers in the Artist Talk and learn how those circumstances led Elisabeth Kihlström & Alexander Martinz to create their queer metal performance Metal Heads.

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Performance and award ceremony: TH, 01 09 2022 
Exhibition: FR, 02 09  - SA 10 09 2022 


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