Anders Eiebakke: The Vienna Crow – A drone performance

Anders Eiebakke: The Vienna Crow – A drone performance

FR 07 06 2019, 9:00 pm (during the opening of Nature \ nature


Above the clouds there seem to be no boundaries. However, the sky is already watched over by drones that can be guided remotely. Anders Eiebakke has been working with drones for more than ten years. For the exhibition Nature \ nature he constructs a filming quadrocopter drone disguised as a crow—one of the most intelligent and ambiguous birds. The Vienna Crow is his latest bird referring drone. It has been developed from scratch by the artist based on open source and open hardware technologies, 3D printed from public domain files created by the artist. The artist will release the crow in a public performance at the opening of the exhibition in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.


Anders Eiebakke (NO) is interested in the humanoid potential of drone technology, as it reproduces our human sense of gravity, orientation, and vision. He also explores discourses about technologies with reference to their military applications and civil use, and leads drone technology away from the sphere of a shrouded military into legitimate channels of debate in civil society. Eiebakke lives in Oslo.


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