CARE MATTERS. Performance workshop with Axelle Stiefel & Camille Aleña, The Art of Maintenance

FR 10.05.2019, 2:00–6:00 pm
Performance workshop with Axelle Stiefel & Camille Aleña, The Art of Maintenance


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The red thread is a work of fiction; it stands for a story that breaks with our usual ideas of continuity and addresses the theme of interweaving of manufacturing processes.
The performance Workshop The Art of Maintenance, named after the Manifesto for Maintenance Art of the American concept artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles, celebrates its’ 50th anniversary this year, and is the pilot project of a workshop series by the artists Axelle Stiefel and Camille Alena. The project builds on extensive research from the history and performance of the ubiquitous red thread. We find it on dishtowels, in haute couture on the runway or on the red and white towel dispenser.
The starting point of the workshop, however, will be the dishtowel: by turning back time to expose the fabric of a classic red and white dishtowel and examining its’ material, semiotic and social conditions, the knowledge of obsolete repair techniques will be activated and transmitted. In addition, the knowledge of its’ production, the fiber, and the direction it takes, the paths it opens up, and already went down, between the public and private, are examined performatively on the basis of the textile.
In cooperation with the Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) on the occasion of the exhibitions TechnoCare (Kunstraum Niederoesterreich) and Critical Care (Az W).


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