Performatorium #010

Intensive workshop and performance evening
Mon, 13./Tue, 14.05.2019, 3.00 -7.00 pm (with registration)
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Herrengasse 13, 1010 Vienna

Wed, 15.05.2019, 8pm
fluc, Praterstern 5, 1020 Vienna
Curated by Olivia Jaques and Marlies Surtmann
This May the Performatorium will take place for the 10th time. For this anniversary we will work in cooperation with the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich and IN DER KUBATUR DES KABINETTS - Kunstsalon im fluc.
The figure of the 'swarm' serves us as a starting point for the gathering of six performative positions that pursue an attentive, caring and resistant artistic practice. The concept of the swarm, as we want to understand it here, comes from improvisational dance/theatre. Therefor a group of people moves as one 'body' or 'organism'. The swarm needs an attentive attunement, a mutual watching (out for one another), listening and relating to each other in order to move. Bodies act in the field of tension between individual and collective agency. Personal decisions are made for the group and lead to a common action. The swarm goes beyond a purposeful collaboration – being together and to be in constant flux: a careful, constantly evolving method and at the same time a powerful organic state. From a socio-political, critical perspective we ask the question whether  the swarm could function as a possible counter model, as an utopian figure.
The participating artists negotiate the careful, collaborative practice not only in their own approach but also on the level of content. The swarm becomes the central element in the workshops of Agnes Hvizdalek and Olivia Jaques/Marlies Surtmann realized in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, as well as in the performance of the Performatorium, which will take place in the frame of In der Kubatur des Kabinetts im fluc. Furthermore, Magdalena Fischer and Sophie Utikal pose the question of how the permanent finding of compromises is shaping us. The possibility of failing and practicing (further) is juxtaposed with the self-optimization and self-disciplining of a neoliberal society. Binta Diallo's performance with a 16mm film will be interwoven with live sound by Michel Strümpf. This collaboration works with the 'memorability' of trees in their life cycle. The careful visual exploration of unknown locations with and through the analogue camera is reflected in the interplay of sound and image and thus in the form of collaboration. Daniel Lercher and David Knauer (New Dirge) explore their own sonic positions by acoustic improvisation. They put themselves in relation to one another and develop a form of auditory communication.
Program Overview
Intensive workshop at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich
Mon, 13./Die, 14.05.2019, 3.00 -7.00 pm
- Agnes Hvizdalek (experimental voice techniques)
- Marlies Surtmann/Olivia Jaques (swarm)
Performance evening at fluc
Wed, 15.05.2019, 8pm
- Performatorium (performance in public space)
- Magdalena Fischer / Sophie Utikal (video performance)
- Binta Diallo / Michel Strümpf (16mm performance)
- New Dirge (sound-swarm improvisation)
- Michel Strümpf (DJ-line)

Registration intensive workshop:
The workshop is open for everyone interested in an intensive examination of artistic performative practice. The number of participants is limited. The workshop series will be held in German or English. The fee for both days is 40€ and has to be paid in cash at the first day of the workshop. Registration is only possible for both days. Please register until 05. May 2019 via e-mail: , subject: "Performatorium #010".

Credits: © Performatorium, photo: Maria Porsch


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