Performatorium #009

Performatorium. Laboratory for a contemporary performative practice

Fri, 08.03.2019, 9am -1pm
Sachsenplatz 4-6, 1200 Vienna

Participation is free of charge and open to the public, Comfortable clothing recommended
registration is requested:


The ninth edition of the Performatorium is part of the RRRIOT Festival in cooperation with the culture_lab of the production school spacelab. Christina Jaques opens the Performatorium with her workshop DAsein and shares playful (warm-up) exercises, inspired by theater and body work. The focus is on one's presence in space and the relationship between I and We. In the discursive part we will refer to the occasion of the Women's Day and explore the connections between queer*feminist and performative artistic practices. Later on, in the practical input of culture_lab Gender. Equality as provocation, we will work with the term gender and its socio-political implications. What does it mean exactly and how does it become applicable? Which gender questions are inherent to one's own life reality – especially for younger generations in the process of finding an identity, and how can one think about one's own identity by means of performance?
The production school spacelab supports young people and adolescents at the transition from school to work. At the location spacelab_gestaltung in the 20th district of Vienna, culture_labworks with young people on art and cultural projects in various fields, such as: theater, radio, photography and film. spacelab is a Wiener Ausbildungsgarantie project funded by Sozialministeriumservice and the Wiener Arbeitnehmer*innen Förderungsfonds (waff).
Performatorium #009 is made possible with the support of RRRIOT Festival and Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.

The RRRIOT is a collaborative, feminist program festival. Under the motto community and with a focus on the 20th district Brigittenau the key aspect is the visibility of women* in the cultural field, empowerment, justice and social issues.

The focus of the Performatorium is the establishment of a laboratory for experimental performative practices. Through regular, open meetings, it serves practice-oriented research and the long-term promotion of discourse in the form of workshop-based or discursive inputs from the participants. As a self-organized, solidarity-based platform, it offers space for joint experimentation, exchange and the collective production of performative knowledge.

It is open for anyone who is interested in an intensive examination of artistic performative practices.


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