Performatorium #008

Performatorium #008 – laboratory for a contemporary performative practice

SAT  20 10 2018, 11am - 3pm


At the Performatorium #008, Olivia Jaques and Marlies Surtmann are investigating the body as archive. With a conglomerate of performance, exercise and language we search for  theoretical knowledge about and practical knowledge through performance. Furthermore we will translate this approach into text and image, using the form of an art zine, and thus trace it back to the prevailing knowledge system. You are welcome to bring texts and pictures about the notions of performance, body, archive, language and knowledge. As this will be the first year anniversary of the Performatorium, we would like to look into it’s past as well as into the near future: what did you like so far? What expectations did you have when joining the Performatorium and have these changed over time? What would you wish for the further development of the Performatorium and which aspects of your own way of working would you be interested in sharing within one of the upcoming sessions?


We are looking forward to Performatorium #008 and to everyone who wants to be part of it!


Marlies Surtmann and Olivia Jaques



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